Antelope Family Dental

My latest side project - a simple static website. Antelope Family Dental contacted me with the request to refresh their old website. The website was re-designed, re-built by me. Powered by Middleman, and Netlify.

Data For Me

A tool that analyzes personal data offline. Dataforme was my senior project. It is still a work in progress, and has been somewhat abandoded for the last year - whoops 😅. The idea behind it is that everyone should be able to analyze, and gain insights from their personal data, without giving it away to anyone. The code is Open Source.

Carter Brown Law

My first website design! The lovely Angela Carter, and Steven Brown trusted me designing and building their website in 2019. If you ever find yourself in the need of legal help, I strongly recommend Carter Brown Law. Angela and Steven are a pleasure to work with.

Maze Shelf

A shelf with some controllable RGB LEDs. I used a Raspberry Pi running a small Flask application to pull this off.

Dxf To KiCad Converter

A python program that takes a PCB exported from Microwave Office and converts it to a KiCad Board file. The program associates net lists, places footprints in desired locations, and has the option to map Microwave Office dxf export layers to user-selected KiCad layers.

Beesbot Timetracker

A Ruby on Rails app built for our team Beesbot. It lets users clock in/out, add time logs, and tasks. It also provides analytics in admin view.